How to Write a Postgraduate Personal Statement

Alex Rodgers
March 3, 2021

Before you can apply for a postgraduate course, you must possess certain qualifications such as a bachelor’s degree. There are different types of postgraduate education but the admission phase is the same in one element—they require you to submit a personal statement for PhD or Master’s degree. Your personal statement is a very important part of your application therefore; you must learn how to write a postgraduate personal statement.

Your perfect PhD personal statement should:

  • have a strong introduction
  • give a summary of your research experience
  • express your goals of future research
  • tell about your relevant experience
  • highlight your special skills

Purpose of a personal statement for postgraduate study

Most institutions require you to write a personal statement as part of their admission process. It is very important to learn how to write a good personal statement because it is an opportunity to set yourself apart from other applicants allowing yourself a greater chance of being selected. A personal statement for postgraduate application is a document that helps the committee in choosing the right persons for postgraduate studies. Since faculty members, and other people involved in the selection process want to know about the applicant, you must show them what qualities and characteristics you have in your personal statement.

How to write personal statement for postgraduate application

Before writing your personal statement, you must know the reasons why you want to pursue postgraduate studies and your reasons for choosing a particular institution. You must also consider your previous academic experiences and your skills necessary to pursue a postgraduate course.  Though it is a personal statement, you should not use the word “I” in the start of every sentence. In writing a personal statement, be sure to have an introductory sentence that will gain the attention of the reader since many personal statements are received every year.  Be creative in writing. Remember that it has a word limit so write a relevant, clear, concise, and straightforward personal statement. Also, show them your enthusiasm. Lastly, you must read, re-read, proofread, and check your work until you are happy with the results. Ask feedback from other people too.

Contents of a personal statement for PhD program or Masters level

The personal statement is a way to show who you are and why should they choose you. However, you cannot really tell the admissions committee who you are in a limited number of words. A personal statement for a PhD program or other postgraduate course has a word limit of around 300 to 500 words. Limited as it is, you must know what to include in your personal statement. Here are some things you must include: reason for pursuing a postgraduate course; motivations and experiences leading to postgraduate studies; reason for choosing a particular institution; your personal skills and academic achievements; your strengths; your career aims; and the relevance of your previous studies. Many as they are, you should be able to write a coherent essay.

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