How to Write a Personal Statement for University

Alex Rodgers
December 11, 2020

Have you ever asked the question “how to write a personal statement for university admission”? Many students wonder about the perfect way on how to write a personal statement for university although there is no one single way in coming up with a good personal statement. However, there are several important things to include in a personal statement for university. Before going into that, it is first proper to know what a personal statement is. A good personal statement is your opportunity to tell something about yourself for your university application. Some universities are very particular about personal statements while others are not. Therefore, you must learn how to write a good personal statement for university.

How to write a university personal statement

It is important to learn how to write a university personal statement because it is your primary opportunity to show the university that you are qualified for the program you want to enter. In writing, you must first know the contents of a personal statement which is provided in the next section. In terms of the details, provide accomplishments you are proud of. Do not repeat information that can be found in your other application documents. Since a personal statement is a short document, remove surplus words and unnecessary information. Structure and style can lead your application to the next level so find sufficient time to write a good personal statement for university.

Contents of a good personal statement for university

Learning how to write a university personal statement entails the knowledge of knowing the contents of such statement. The most common contents of a personal statement are the following: your academic records, accomplishments, and activities; any personal circumstance, challenges, or hardships you have overcome; attributes that make you a good student; and other relevant information such as leadership experiences. More specifically, you may want to include voluntary work, academic competitions, work experiences, and public lectures you have attended that influenced you to go to a university.

Tips on how to write a good personal statement for university

To be sure that your personal statement is good, start early so that you have room for revisions.

  • Be enthusiastic, but not arrogant in tone.
  • Include only relevant things.
  • Do not lie, ever! Provide honest and true information backed up by evidence.
  • Do not be content with the first draft you will produce.
  • Read, re-read, and proofread. Don’t let grammar and spelling mistakes bring your application down.
  • Ask people for their feedback regarding your personal statement.

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