How to Write a Personal Statement for Law School

Alex Rodgers
December 18, 2020

Admission processes in many law schools are very rigid. This is to assure that the students they select are fit for their law program. Prior to admission, they require applicants to write something about their personal experiences, achievements, and other relevant things through an essay called personal statement. As a very important part of the admission process, many students worry about writing personal statements but they just don’t know how to write a personal statement for law school. This brief tutorial will provide you with some law school personal statement tips which are very important.

How to write a law school personal statement

It is a fact that there are too many applicants wanting to attend law school. It follows that there are many personal statements submitted to the admissions committee which are just read in passing. Therefore, you must know how to write a law school personal statement which would be read and considered for admission.

There is no single format in writing a good personal statement for law school but here are a few points you need to remember. It must be personal and can provide relevant information about you. Your experiences, educational background, and other relevant activities and attributes that make you fit for law school. It is also very important that you present your enthusiasm for the law profession but it should not be written in cliché form. Also, you must write what you have done in the past that might help you in your application such as internships and other experiences. While there are too many information you can include in writing the personal statement, it should not be a copy of your CV.

Law school personal statement length

Most law schools require applicants to write an essay about themselves using not more than five hundred words. Usually, it is a short document with three to four important points. They are read quickly by the admissions committee so be straightforward in your discussion. Limited as it is the applicant’s personal statement must stand out as there are too many applications received each year. Keeping in mind the length of personal statement for law school will assure that your application would be read.

Tips in writing personal statement for law school

Since there are too many personal statements submitted yearly, your personal statement for law school must stand out. Here are a few law school personal statement tips. First, consider the activity as a self-reflection exercise. Ask yourself some questions relating to your character and values. Also, it is relevant to know what type of person you are. Second, good grammar pays. Law school folks are grammar gods so you must not disappoint them. Third, write clearly, concisely, and straightforwardly as possible. To gain attention, it must be easy to read. Lastly, it must be original—not a recycled resume.

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