How to Write a Personal Statement for Fellowship

Alex Rodgers
March 2, 2021

Generally, a personal statement is a written document submitted to an institution which can determine whether or not a person may be accepted in a particular program. Short as they are, these statements really help in the admission phase. There are different institutions and programs that require personal statement and each personal statement require different information about you. In this tutorial, you will learn how to write a personal statement for fellowship.

Writing a fellowship application personal statement

A fellowship is also known as a merit-based scholarship which is common among many institutions particularly the medical field. Also, a fellowship is a form of academic financial aid. Many institutions offering fellowships really look upon one’s merits and writing a good personal statement really helps. Fellowships are very common in the field of medicine as it is needed for residency and other important matters like specializations. In writing a personal statement for your fellowship application, especially in medical fellowship, you must aim to impress the admission committee by stating your purpose and goals not to mention your knowledge, interest, and expertise in a particular field such as cardiology or radiology for example.

Contents of a fellowship application personal statement

The contents of fellowship essays differ in some ways. For example, a medical fellowship personal statement differs from other personal statements as it aims to show more of your interest, enthusiasm, and experience of the medical field you choose to specialize in. There are different areas you need to focus on writing a personal statement depending on your specialization. To give an example, let us look at two medical fields: cardiology and radiology. In a cardiology fellowship personal statement, you should show the admission committee why you are so enthusiastic about cardiology. The same goes with a radiology fellowship personal statement. The two would differ of course in the institutions you will include. In writing personal statements for fellowshipsit is very important to include the institutions where you got your training. The more training you have, the greater the chance to be admitted.

Dos and Don’ts in writing a personal statement for fellowship

  • Do not be generic or vague in your statement.
  • Write in a manner that shows your enthusiasm and your purpose.
  • Do not lie.
  • Do not submit a personal statement that you wrote once.
  • Revise until you get the best result.

Since fellowship programs are stricter in their admission process than regular colleges, it is good to check the contents of your personal statement. Among other things, you must include your academic records, accomplishments, and activities. Another very important thing to include is your achievements in light of the opportunities available to you.

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