How to Write a Personal Statement for a CV

Alex Rodgers
January 20, 2021

   A personal statement for curriculum vitae (CV) is also called a profile or career summary. It helps the recruiter identify your strengths that will be beneficial to their company, institution, or organization. Generally, personal statement for a CV is a self-marketing document which persuades the recruiter to hire you. Many people do not know how to write a personal statement for CV but it should not be too difficult for you. Learning how to write a personal statement on a CV is a crucial part of your career so give it a try and work hard for it.

How to write a CV personal statement

Let us begin to dissect its parts to learn how to write personal statement for CV. Personal statement for CV is all about your skills. Therefore, it is best to write it in the first person. However, that should not be interpreted as putting “I” in all sentences. Be crafty by using your own style. Interconnect all of the ideas using transition words in order to create a coherent whole. Learning how to write a personal statement for a job is easy. Just keep in mind that it should be straightforward, easy to read, and consistent. It is a chance to sell yourself so it must be well-written. Writing a personal statement cannot be done overnight so you must start writing early. Editing is a key factor in having a good personal statement therefore; you must observe the proper rules of grammar and revise as many times as possible until it becomes error free.

Contents of a CV personal statement

A CV is a comprehensive view of your background. Although that is the case, there is no one way of writing a CV for a personal statement but there are some things you must include in your document. Generally, there are three sections in a CV personal statement. First, you must tell them who you are. Let the recruiter identify you, your skills, and other relevant information. Second, tell them about what you can offer through your skills. Lastly, they are excited to know your career aims so do not forget to include it.

Do’s and Don’ts in writing a personal statement on a CV

Although there are no rules set in learning how to write a CV personal statement, there are things you should and should not do. Here are some examples. If you intend to write in the first person, continue throughout the document. The same goes with the third person. Be consistent. Make it short but relevant. Who wants to read lengthy documents anyway? Get straight to the point. In writing, you must keep the reader’s attention so avoid long introductions. There is a difference between arrogance and confidence. Therefore, balance the tone of your personal statement so that you will never be considered arrogant.

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