How to Write a Personal Statement Essay

Alex Rodgers
January 5, 2021

 personal statement essay is very important in the selection process of universities especially those who deal with a very large number of applicants. In a nutshell, a personal statement essay is a document which presents relevant information about an applicant which would be the preliminary basis for admission. To facilitate the admission process, they require applicants to write a personal statement essay based on several topics which would help the admissions committee choose the applicants who are fit for a particular program.

Purpose of writing a personal statement essay

Aside from being a requirement for a college or university application, the personal statement essay provides information about the applicant within the context of his or her own world. This simple document provides useful information about the applicant that will help a particular college or university in considering his or her application.

How to write a personal statement essay

There is no problem with regards to learning how to write a personal statement essay as long as you are very eager to learn the process. However, you must also learn how to write a personal statement letter which you can enclose with your personal statement. It is easy to write because it is just a confirmation of information about you, your interests, and why you want to go to college. You must write it on your own because personal statements undergo several processes and they can detect if somebody wrote it for you. In writing your personal statement essay, you must start early to avoid cramming. Be clear, focused, and organized in anything you write. It is better to use concrete examples to illustrate your ideas. Since writing a personal statement is not an easy task, you can ask help from teachers, friends, and other people to provide you with comments about your personal statement. Revise until you get your desired results: a clear, concise, error-free personal statement essay.

Personal statement essay format and contents

A personal statement essay is a short written document for you college application. Commonly, it is around five hundred words. It contains the following information: academic records and accomplishments; personal attributes that makes you qualified for the program of your choice; any personal circumstances such as hardships and financial capacity that will help the university in decide; and your skills.

Common essay topics for personal statement

Personal statement essay topics vary each year but there are common themes for writing. You must know your goals as they may ask you about it. Also, some personal circumstances, such as your idea of yourself, are also common themes in personal statement essays. They may also ask about the key influences why you chose a particular program. All themes however pertain to you personally so be ready to answer them.

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