I am Alex Rodgers, and I have been practicing editorial assistance for more than 15 years. 


I graduated from the University of Michigan and got a degree in the Education field. I’ve been immersing myself in writing while studying. My writing experience and writing proficiency helped me receive a place in the publishing office, where I took a trainee position at the age of 25. After two years of practice, I became the head of the editing department.

As I have a minor in Linguistics, I started to expand the boundaries of the publishing office and opened a Spanish department. I was responsible not only for editorial management but also for the translation branch. 

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Soon, I realized that I have enough experience, and I started my freelance career as an editor. As I have English as my mother tongue and Spanish as my second language, I started editing texts in both languages. Due to the fact that I am into editing for a long time, I am acknowledged in all the document types. That makes me a high-expertise professional whose expert opinion can be trusted.

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