A Guide on How to Write a Personal Statement

Alex Rodgers
December 29, 2020

Have you ever wondered how hard it is to write a personal statement for your college or post graduate admission? Here is a guide on how to write a personal statement. Before going into the nuts and bolts on how to write a personal statement, you should know what a personal statement is. Generally, a personal statement, as the name suggests, is a written work which shows any information that would help the college of your choice determine your suitability in the courses you hope to be admitted. It is an opportunity to showcase important matters such as your enthusiasm and commitment to the program you are about to enter.

How to write a personal statement

Most students, if not all, are stressed when faced with the question: “how to write a personal statement”. Nobody really knows how but there is an accepted convention for writing a personal statement: personal, easy to read, can convey the message you wish to say, provide information about you and your achievements. Easy as it is, many are confused since they tend to mix their CV or resume data in their personal statements. All of these must be included in your personal statement.

How to write your personal statement

Many colleges and universities admit students based on their personal statements and subsequent interviews. Therefore, it is really important to know how to write your personal statement. A personal statement is something personal; you need not to impress the admission personnel by including things which are irrelevant such as your knowledge of current events or philosophy. Just bear in mind that the personal statement must be original and easy to read. Use declarative sentences and must be in active voice if possible. Lastly, revise until you are happy with the results.

Tips on how to write a personal statement

Before worrying about college, the first thing you need to worry about is “how to write my personal statement” as it may pave the way for you to college, or not. Here are a few and simple tips on how to write a personal statement. First, the statement should present your enthusiasm for the program you want to enter. Second, write more concisely as possible while including things that are relevant. There are too many personal statements received by institutions every year so be straightforward so as not to bore the reader. Third, always remember that good grasp of grammar pays. Let there be no grammatical or spelling errors in your personal statement. Lastly, make other people check your work and appreciate their comments as much as possible and incorporate the relevant ones.

Alex Rodgers

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