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I got a lot of inspiration from Andrew Warner over at Mixergy, who had helped me see some things that I hadn’t understood at all about the format.

Fast forward a few weeks … and Facebook announced that they were outlet eastbay clearance professional Silver Pricilla high stiletto heel court shoes Inexpensive for sale pre order for sale high quality uOjviRJ6a
while they conduct a massive audit.

It turns out that having to put on a suit to testify before Congress can make a founder cautious.

It might seem awkward, but truly, in the long run (which is how I roll), it matters very little. Here’s why.

No, chatbots aren’t dead

Just to get this one out of the way: there’s no reason to think that this is anything other than a pause on chatbots on Facebook’s Messenger platform.

As it happens, anyone who had a bot already running was fine — this is just a pause on new ones. So if you were an early adopter, you have my permission to pat yourself on the back.

Now, if this was technology that Facebook didn’t like, or that they felt was exploitative in some way, chatbot creators could be having a bad time.

However, despite the slightly creepy-sounding name, chatbot technology doesn’t rely on any of the privacy strip-mining that has Facebook in hot water right now.

One thing I like about chatbots is that they provide an additional way to connect with our audiences in a direct way.

But I’ve talked with a few people who have run chatbot campaigns, who mentioned that they “didn’t even collect the email.”

I don’t think that’s a great idea.

Permission-based chat technology can potentially give us another channel to connect, for people who prefer to communicate in that way. And there might be other channels that will make sense, like text messages or WhatsApp.

But we know that Facebook is honey badger : they don’t care about our individual businesses, and they never will. So relying solely on Messenger (or anyone’s chat platform) to connect is unacceptably risky.

Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Medium, and YouTube are all really fantastic tools. But don’t rely on them alone. Make sure you have diversified how you can connect with your audience.

And the one way to connect that you tend to be able to “own” is the email address.

So don’t think about “or.” Think about “and.” Every time you can.

Mail addressed to Overseas Military members must be addressed to a specific individual. Mail addressed to “Any Service member”, “Occupant” or similar type generic name will not be processed or delivered to the address listed on the mail piece.

As of 2009, certain diplomatic sites have DPO (Diplomatic Post Office) addresses, similar to APO addresses (DPO AA, DPO AE, DPO AP, followed by Zip or, preferably, Zip+4), as in this example for the US Embassy in Rabat, Morocco:

DPO Addresses do not use PSC or CMRs in their addressing system. Diplomatic installations that don't have DPO addresses can be mailed to in care of the US State Department in Washington DC. All others require international mail.

APO/FPO/DPO addresses can be used only from the USA or other areas served by the US Post Office, or from other APO/FPO/DPO addresses. Mail from elsewhere to these locations must be addressed through the town, city, and country in which the military or diplomatic installation is located, e.g.:

(That is the address given by the embassy, but it should have postal code.) You can always refer to the USPS Postal Bulletin (see References below) published every two weeks to see if APO/FPO/DPO zip codes are valid and refer to the restrictions or limitations on certain articles and sizes of articles that could be prohibited.



For more about automatic sorting of US mail, see the Kermit News article, Kermit Helps Automate Mail Delivery .

The Canada city line format is like the USA format:

No commas or other punctuation*, postal code on the right separated by two spaces. Upper case is preferred but not required except in the postal code. Example:

Canada has 2-letter abbreviations for its provinces and territories, just like we have for our states, and which do not conflict with ours:


Canadian postal codes are always LNL NLN (Letter, Number, Letter, Space, Number, Letter, Number). (In this context, Number means Digit .) The first segment is the Forward Sortation Area; the second is the Local Delivery Unit. The postal code is placed two spaces to the right of the province/territory abbreviation. All letters in the City Line (and preferably the entire address) should be uppercase. Examples:

Doug Ewell has written a report on the semantics of Canadian postal codes; CLICK HERE for details.

The city or town name must not be translated. If the official name of the municipality is French, it must be written in French including accents ; if it is English, it must be written in English. Canadian postal policies emphasize equal treatment of English and French, but they do not mention other languages of Canada such as Inuktitut, Cree, Lakota, Micmac, Ojibwa, etc. I assume that locality names must be written in Roman letters and not Canadian Syllabics , although I could not find any statements to that effect at the Canada Post website. In Nunavut, the Inuit languages cheap new styles clearance low cost Beef Tendon Thick Sole Nonslip Plush Slippers cheap best place outlet shop finishline sc8EH
are official languages, along with French and English; road signs are in both Roman and Inuit Syllabics – what about mail?

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